Event Castle for rent


Our castle is perfect for weddings for up to 160 people, seated, round tables. By renting the castle, we can provide complete exclusivity for the perfect private event.


04.30 Solemn opening (private event)

05.02 19:00 STAND UP Comedy. Starring Dénes Bank and Fruzsina Ács, tickets are still limited

08.19 Földváry days Day 1. Antiques market, Antique Doll and Teddy Bear exhibition, cooking competition, flea market, street ball, star guest Grouve House

09.20 Földváry days Day 2 Farmers' Market, Antique Doll and Teddy Bear Exhibition 

10.01 Fashion show and weddings Exhibition (under organisation)

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History of the castle

"The Földváry manor is located in the village of Öttevény, 15 km from Győr, in Western Transdanubia.
The village, which has undergone many historical changes over the years, has preserved its historical importance and rich heritage to this day. The castle, built in 1870 by Baron Miklós Földváry de Bernátfalva (1840-1914), one of the former major landowners, for his wife, has since become a symbol of the village. "

Castle historical postcard