Chateau Földváry

Grand opening 2024 May 1.


Our castle is perfectly suitable for organizing a seated, round-table wedding for up to 160 people. With the rental of the castle, we can provide complete exclusivity for the perfect execution of a private event.


Our services

  • Wedding and Event Organization

  • Providing Locations for Film Productions and Professional Photography

  • Free Photo Locations for Wedding Couples

  • Team Building and Corporate Events

  • Catering services

Chateau Földváry

Grand opening 2024 May 1.

About the Castle

The Földváry Castle is located in the village of Öttevény, 15 km from Győr, in the Western region of Hungary. The village, which has undergone numerous historical changes over time, has preserved its historical significance and rich heritage to this day. The castle was built in 1870 along the main Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest route by Baron Miklós Földváry (1840-1914), one of the largest landowners of the time, for his wife, and since then it has become a symbol of the village.

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