The general participation and game rules for the games organised by Matusz-Vad Plc. and held on the Öttevény Castle website.



The organiser of the prize game (hereinafter: Game) held on the website (hereinafter: Website) is Garzon Plaza Ltd. (registered office: 9024 Győr, Vasvári Pál Street 1/B, further contact details can be found in point 6.1.) (hereinafter: Organiser).



2.1. The Organiser announces each Game in posts published on the Website (hereinafter: Post). The Organiser always informs the members of the Website about the duration and specific conditions of the respective Game in the respective Post. The Organiser announces the following type of Game on the Website, so participation is tied to the following condition:

  • Subscription to the newsletter featured in the respective Post

In the respective Post, the Organiser can also define additional conditions for participation.

2.2. The Terms of Use posted on the Website, applicable to the use of the Website, are also binding and applicable to the Games, thus especially, but not exclusively, the general prohibitions and regulations concerning user content.

2.3. Only Hungarian citizens who have reached their 18th year of age, possess a valid identity card issued by Hungarian authorities and have a place of residence or stay in Hungary can participate in the Games, if they do not fall into the group of persons defined in point 2.9, are of legal capacity (hereinafter: Player), and who

  • subscribes to the newsletter;
  • completes the tasks announced in the Post published by the Organiser in accordance with the instructions written there; and
  • consents that the Organiser or Executor manages their personal data – provided upon subscribing to the newsletter and during the Game – in connection with the respective Game, as per the Data Management Information (Chapter 6), and
  • by participating, accepts all the conditions listed in these rules (hereinafter: Game Rules)

(hereinafter together: Application).

2.4. A Player is entitled to participate in the Game with only one Application (unless the Organiser provides otherwise in the respective Post).

2.5. Applications that do not comply with the formal and content requirements described in these Game Rules and the respective Post are automatically excluded from the respective Game, while valid Applications are recorded by computer. The Organiser may exclude Players who provide false data from the respective Game.

2.6. The Organiser considers only those Applications valid which are submitted by the Players themselves into the respective Game. If the Player does not use his/her own registered Facebook or Instagram profile, or his/her own e-mail address, the Organiser and the Executor exclude all liability regarding disputes arising from the right to use Facebook and Instagram profiles and e-mail accounts.

2.7. By submitting the Application, the Player acknowledges that the content, performance, message and data transmission, and response speed of the technical infrastructure of the Games are a function of the server technology and can be adversely affected by factors beyond the control of the Organizer, such as (but not limited to) connection error, performance of server computers, network congestion, network coverage, and maintaining a secure network connection. The Organizer and the Executor exclude all liability arising from the matters described in this paragraph.

2.8. The Organizer may examine the Applications for the purpose of fulfilling the conditions of the Game Rules, and if they or the Player who submitted them do not meet the conditions of the Game Rules for any reason, the Organizer may exclude the affected Player from the respective Game.

2.9. Employees of the Organizer, Matusz-Vad Zrt., and other third parties involved in organizing the Game, as well as their close relatives as defined in paragraph 1 of section 8:1. § (1) of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, are excluded from the Games.

2.10. Players who, contrary to the spirit of the Games, participate in a team under the name of a natural person, use a non-real Facebook or Instagram profile with the intention of increasing their chances of winning through this deceptive behavior, may be excluded from the respective Game or Games, at the discretion of the Organizer. Such players include, for example, associated persons who coordinate their actions to win prizes and combine the performances of several persons under one name, thus depriving other players who wish to play fairly of the chance of winning. These include those who participate in the Games with non-real data in order to unfairly increase their own chances of winning. Participants or players who exhibit the unfair behavior defined in this paragraph are obliged to compensate for any damage they have caused in connection with the Game to the Organizer and/or the Executor.



3.1. The Organizer determines who is the winner(s) of the respective Game among those who have validly subscribed to the newsletter during the duration of the respective Game, depending on the respective Game. The method of selecting the winner(s) is random draw.

In case of a draw: under the supervision of a three-member draw committee set up by the Executor, 1 (one) winning Application will be drawn by a machine draw complying with the principle of randomness. The place of the draws is the Executor’s office (1103 Budapest, Kőér utca 3/A). The committee will record the draw, which will be authenticated by the signatures of the committee members.

3.2. For each draw, the Organizer will draw a total of 2 (two) backup winning Applications. The backup winners may be entitled to the respective prize according to the provisions of points 4.3 and 4.4, if the winning Application is invalid for any reason or the winner is excluded from the respective Game due to any other reason related to their Application.


4.1. The Organizer will announce the prize for the given Game simultaneously with the announcement of the Game, in the Post (hereinafter referred to as the Prize). The prize is a 4,000 EUR discount that can be used at any time during the 2024 wedding season, chosen from the available dates, which is equivalent to renting the Öttevény Castle with a wedding organizer and will be credited as a discount from the final invoice total. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Prizes during the duration of the given Game, and even afterwards, with prior notification of the Players via the Website, and to replace them with other prizes equivalent to the given Prize.

4.2. The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. A Player may only be eligible for 1 piece of Prize during the entire duration of a given Game, regardless of the number of Applications.

4.3. The duration of the prize game lasts until November 10, 2023, with the planned electronic draw date being November 11, 2023.

4.4. The Organizer will publish the names of the winners of the Prizes no later than 3 (three) working days after the respective draw or determination of the winner, in a comment following the Facebook or Instagram post related to the Game on the Website, to which all Players expressly consent by participating in the given Game (hereinafter: Publication). The winning Player is obliged to accurately provide their personal data necessary for the delivery of the Prize (full name, Hungarian residential address) in a private message sent to the Website within 3 (three) working days following the Publication, which is also considered as acceptance of the prize. If the winner does not provide the data necessary to communicate their winning of the Prize within the above deadline, the Application of the winning Player will be disqualified, and the Organizer will designate a reserve winner for the prize.

4.5. The Organizer delivers the Prizes for personal pickup to the given winner, to the Hungarian residential address provided by the Player. The Organizer will attempt delivery of the Prize twice within 60 calendar days from the respective draw/winner determination. The winning Player is obliged to cooperate in order for the Prize to be picked up according to the valid General Contractual Conditions of the courier service, and the Act CLIX of 2012 on postal services. If the winner fails to fulfill this cooperation obligation, and thus the delivery of the prize is unsuccessful, this circumstance cannot be considered to the detriment of the Organizer or the Executor. The Organizer cannot provide another opportunity for the Prize to be picked up.

4.5. The Organizer excludes from the given Game that Application, for which the Prize cannot be delivered or handed over to the Player who submitted it, because the personal data sent in the Application or following the Publication are not real, incomplete or incorrect, or the Player who submitted the Application does not meet the conditions written in these Game Rules for other reasons. The Organizer, Executor does not bear any responsibility for false data provision by the Player.


The Organizer assumes any potential personal income tax (PIT) liability associated with the Prize. Beyond the handover of the Prize and settling its tax implications, the Organizer is not burdened with further obligations. The Organizer bears the courier costs associated with delivering the Prizes. Any other potential costs are to be borne by the Player.



6.1. The Organizer, acting as the data controller, handles the data provided during the Game. Contact details of the Data Controller: phone: 06 96 900 500 (Headquarters: 9024 Győr, Vasvári Pál utca 1/B Email address: [email protected])

6.2. The purpose of data processing is to ensure the Player’s participation in the Prize Game, as well as to handle the personal data of the Players in connection with the conduct of the Prize Game and the delivery of the Prizes.

6.3. The legal basis for data processing is the Player’s explicit, voluntary, and informed consent. By participating in the Game, as set out in point 2.3., the Player consents to the processing of their data. Those who participate in the Game expressly consent to the Organizer, as data controller, managing their personal data exclusively in relation to the given Game, during the conduct of the applications, as well as for maintaining contact and administrative purposes. In case of winning, the Organizer will publish their names on the Website exclusively in relation to the given Game, without any further condition or consideration.

6.4. During data processing, the Organizer manages the following data of the Player: full name, email address, telephone number, and in case of winning, address.

6.5. The duration of data processing is the duration of the given Game. In the case of the winning players, the data of the winning players are preserved for 5 years following the delivery of the prizes.

6.6. The Organizer uses the help of a Data Processor during the conduct of the Game. The Data Processor performs certain technical operations in connection with the personal data managed. During the Games, the Operator, as Data Processor, has access to the personal data of the Player.

6.7. The Organizer, as data controller, manages the personal data of the Player in accordance with the applicable Hungarian and European Union laws, i.e., based on the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information and the General Data Protection Regulation (the so-called GDPR).

6.8. The Player, as a subject of data processing, has the following rights in connection with data processing:

6.8.1. Right of access

Under the right of access, the Player can ask for information from the Data Controller about the processing of their personal data, can access them, and can also inquire whether the Data Controller is processing and, if so, what personal data the Data Controller has about the Player.

6.8.2. Right to rectification, deletion, or restriction of processing

The Player has the right to request the Data Controller to correct, rectify in case of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data, or to delete their personal data. If the Player requests the restriction of processing of their personal data, the Data Controller may restrict the data processing in accordance with the request. If the Player disputes the accuracy of their personal data, then the duration of the restriction applies to the period which allows the Data Controller to check the accuracy of these data. The Player may request the restriction of the use of personal data if the data processing is unlawful, but opposes their deletion. The Player can also submit such a request if the Data Controller no longer needs the personal data for data processing, but the Player requests the restriction of data processing for the submission, enforcement, or protection of legal claims.

6.8.3. Right to data portability;

Within the right to data portability, the Player is entitled to receive their personal data provided to the Data Controller in a structured, widely used, machine-readable format and is entitled to transmit these data to another Data Controller – even directly – without being hindered by the Data Controller.

6.8.4. Right to withdraw consent

The Player may partially or fully withdraw their consent to data processing at any time, however, the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing carried out based on consent before its withdrawal.

6.9. If the Player wishes to exercise the above rights or if any question arises about data processing or any complaint about data processing, they can contact the Data Controller by post or email at the contact details provided in point 6.1.

6.10. If the Player notices a violation of their rights during the processing of their personal data, the following options are available:

6.10.1. they can directly contact the Data Controller by post or email;

6.10.2. they can submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, i.e., the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information [NAIH]. The NAIH’s contact details are: Headquarters: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c. Phone: 06-1-391-1400 Email: [email protected]

6.10.3. they can turn to the court in case of unlawful data processing, and in case of a violation of the data security requirements. The Player may be entitled to compensation and damages. Information about the jurisdiction and contact details of the court can be found at the following website:

6.11. Participation in this Game, and providing data related to participation is voluntary, however, if the Player does not consent to the processing of their personal data, participation in the Game is not possible. If the Player requests the deletion or restriction of their data during the duration of the Game or before the delivery of the prize, or withdraws their consent to data processing, they will be disqualified from the Game.



7.1. The Organizer or Executor assumes no responsibility for any deficiencies/errors in the applications (e.g., improper naming, address writing, false or non-existent data, etc.), for non-delivery or delay in the delivery of the prizes – which are beyond their control – or for damages incurred during delivery.

7.2. The Organizer does not assume any quality responsibility for prizes not manufactured or distributed by them. If the winner does not pick up their prize in due time, they cannot demand it from the Organizer or Executor later on.

7.3. The Organizer and Executor disclaim all liability for any external, so-called SQL attacks on the website or the server that operates it, as well as for attacks or malfunctions of the telephone network. Therefore, if the players receive incorrect system messages about their prizes, their winner/non-winner status, etc., due to an attack on the website, server, or network, the Organizer and Executor assume no responsibility for these cases.

7.4. The Organizer reserves the right to immediately exclude any player who shows any (computer) manipulation, mass generation of email addresses, creation of Facebook or Instagram profiles, or any behavior incompatible with or offensive to the spirit of the Games.

7.5. If the player closes the browser window during data upload or if the connection to the server is interrupted (for any reason), the Organizer or Executor assumes no responsibility for the loss of data.

7.6. The Organizer and Executor disclaim all responsibility for malfunctions of the website due to reasons beyond their control, during which the website is unusable or limitedly usable. However, they will immediately take all necessary steps to identify and eliminate the cause of the problem as soon as possible.

7.7. The provision of data is not for the website, but for the Organizer.

7.8. The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the game at any time if justified. The Organizer will publish this information on the website with the same publicity as other game announcements.

7.9. In the event of a legal dispute, the court located in Győr with jurisdiction is the competent court.


Győr, 2023.07.01.

Garzon Plaza Ltd.